Paul Godfrey
UX & Creative Director

Who Am I?

I'm the UX & Creative Director for Virgin Media O2. I run end-to-end digital creative for high performing UX & Digital Design for web and apps.

UX & Design

I've built a 70 strong department of UX/UI designers, researchers, copywriters and optimisation specialists working lean UX, embedded in Agile delivery squads aligned to product based OKRs. The team works across both main brands, Virgin Media and O2, defining & evangelising the customer experience from sales and onboarding, through to account management, cross-sell and care.

Multi-Brand Design System

OBJECTIVE: Productivity, cost efficiency, single customer experience

To simplify design across our two main brands, Virgin Media, and O2, I created a new, single design system in Figma, structured around design tokens to allow simple switching between brand styles. This initiative lead to a 60% increase in productivity.
This was further enhanced by directly linking Figma to the front-end CSS styles, allowing Figma token values to control the live CSS values.

Previous Work

X-Factor Sponsorship App

I worked on the X-Factor sponsorship for 8 series.
OBJECTIVE: Customer engagement

Over 1.6 million videos generated, and trending in the App stores every week for over 16 weeks. Winning the DRUM award for 'Best Brand Awareness on Mobile'.

Welcome Centre

A customer focused early-life experience.
OBJECTIVE: Call Reduction & CSAT

The unhappiest part of joining TalkTalk was the first 30 days, when a customer gets set up and connected.  Welcome Centre provided an early-life view for the customer, focusing on managing the complexity of set up, in an effortless and simple way. Succeeded in a 20% call reduction, and a 70% increase in usage of our digital services. Winning a DADI award for the innovative use of UX.

Ultra Fibre Optic Sales via App 

OBJECTIVE: Sales & Digital Adoption

TalkTalk launched 1GIG UFO in the city of York, as a trial to see how viable building a gigabit network was.  A hyper-local sales and marketing approach was developed, and an all new digital-first sales-to-service journey. 

My Account Web App- Billing

OBJECTIVE: Call Reduction & CSAT

Insight showed that not only are self-serving customers significantly lower cost to manage, but they are actually much happier too. As part of the digital transformation of the business, our self-serve journeys were re-imagined for our customers. Billing is a frequent cause of unhappy customer interaction.

Getting Help 

OBJECTIVE: Call Reduction

Help and contact us. A common pressure in service industries is the overbearing cost of customer support.
Using automated, context sensitive 'smart' help including search & chatbots enabled support to flow from fully automated help to fully managed by an agent with video chat, as the complexity of support escalated.

 Brand Guidelines & Digital VI

Visual Identity definition 


TalkTalk 2017

A new, stripped back, simple visual identity was needed to help support the company reset in 2017. The new VI was simpler, more mature, more trustworthy, and designed digital first. Download Guidelines


Digital Guidelines

For efficient, consistent and accessible digital design, a user-tested and documented pattern library was developed. This covers all interface elements, a responsive grid, and UX best practice.  Download Guidelines


TalkTalk 2015

The Brand needed to stand out in the year that it launched its TV service. I developed an eye popping and fun VI based on a colourful 3D world to suit our 'enthusiastic, and charmingly irreverent' tone of voice. Download Guidelines

Out of home

Fairer Broadband For Everyone Out Of Home campaign 2018/19

Brand TV Advertising

Tv ads from campaigns between 2015 and 2018

 This Stuff Matters

As part of a Brand reset in 2016, TalkTalk made new TV ads centred around some of its customers, the Sandifords family. We rigged their Blackpool home with 12 cameras and let them roll for two weeks without any interfering. The resulting films showed a true observation of a UK family, and how TalkTalk can celebrate its essential role in everyday life. This approach was a first for advertising and won five British Arrows awards.


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